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This second album features slightly expanded arrangements and instrumentation and once again contains a mix of original jazz songs and standards. If you were looking for an album to dream away by late at night, this is it. Coming out in 2013.

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What people are saying:

“One of the most beautifully written and presented songs I have heard in ages. It truly brought a tear to my eye as my wife and I did a slow foxtrot to it.” — G.O.

“Thisbe Vos sings like Peggy Lee and writes like Cole Porter, this is the real deal. ” — John Segars, WUCF Orlando Florida

“I can relax, work and enjoy life a little bit more with your sound serenading an unstable world.” — P.M.

“Music can lift you up and take you away from the pressures of the day, inspire you, invigorate you and your music does that for me.” — S.B.

“Gorgeous music and a beautiful voice, it gives me a lovely warm fuzzy feeling.” — L.K.

“Just the tune I needed to hear after work today, Thisbe. Simply marvelous, and I look forward to hearing more soon.” — C.M.K.

I'm really impressed with the new Thisbe Vos CD. Her voice is strikingly similar to that of Doris Day...which is high tribute because Doris had an incredible voice. — Jim Clark, South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Under Your Spell album contributors

This album was made possible with the support of:

Daniel Leggett
Michel Lehmann
Charles Lozano
Gene Mariani
Daniel Marra
Britta Martin
John Matthews
Robert McAuley
Glenice Minardi
William Munro
Sean Murphy
Ted Myers
Joe Nagle
Margie Nelson
Glen Olson
Jean-Michel Perrier
Ursula Pfister
Carrie & Glen Picadash
John Portelli
Steve Robe
Mark Romppel
Juli Ryan
Craig Sagert
Randy Sawatzky
Ken Schoeni
Peter Schuricht
Stuart Scott
Neeraj Sharma
Jim Stafford
Scot Stewart
Richard Stutsman
Dian Swoape
Carmen Thelen
Steven Thibodeaux
Erik van Leeuwen
John Vitz
Marie-Jose Vos
Ken Walters
Daniel Welch
Craig Williams
Nigel Williams
Randy Williamson
Thomas Wutke
Bill Yarbor
Kwangsun Yoo

Mark Abell
Ben Allen
Bradley Anderson
Jud Barnes
Kent Bateman
Stephen Beal
Evon Bent
Scott Bjorge
Doug Boynton
John Brandon
Timothy Budd
Jady Carmichael
Peter Albert Casanave
Hassan Cassim
Wayne Chalk
Wayne Courson
William Dail
Thomas Dambrine
Thomas Denz
Steven Dettinger
Joseph DeWeese
Pierre Durand
Mike Durst
Gordon Ewell
George Faugl
Ferrell Forehand
EZ Frausto
Fawn Fritzen
Donnalee Geiger
Jeffrey Gingera
Matthew Groff
Anthony Guarente
Ira Hantz
Mark Hitchcock
John Hoyt
Brian Hunt
Bill Jackson
Anthony Kasgnoc
Jo Kimber
Dennis Kouchi
Michael Krassa
Martin Lamarche
Geoff Lamb
Stefan Lang
Michael LeBlanc

With special thanks to:

Bruce A. Hestley
Ross Leahy
Bruce Livett
Ivan Mazuranic
Simon Morris
Bob Nichols
Chris Romano
Terje Sjåholm
John Smith
Andrew Sneary
Greg van Beek

James E.A. Atwood
Egons Baumanis
Bill Biscoe
David Bybee
Anthony Cheng
Harry P. Cole
Bob Cramer
Willem Demmenie
Dave Dickson
Hervé Farrugia
Augustine and Linda Gonzales
Michael E. Gunter

With very special thanks to:

Addy Sprangers
Dennis Sybrowsky
Alejandro Szita

Michael & Rondi Bellas
Ernie & Sally Farhat
George Rockwell