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Press Room


“Thisbe Vos sings like Peggy Lee and writes like Cole Porter, this is the real deal.”
John Segars, WUCF Orlando, Florida

“Thisbe is outstanding. One of the best vocalists around.”
Mark Landesman, WWOZ New Orleans

“Vos' recording gives ballroom smooth and torchlight swing a modern gloss. The songs have a Peggy Lee-style attractiveness and a Cole Porter-clad elegance.”
Susan Frances, Yahoo

“Thisbe Vos reminds us what used to excite us back in the days when the spotlight in clubs and on the concert stage focused on a beautiful woman who could move us with a song in a way that we finally heard the message of the lyrics, the delight of the musical line, and in essence - the commitment to the moment that made that experience special. Not only is this ‘pretty woman’ a talented singer, she is also a composer and this, her second recording, includes seven of her own compositions. She is spicy, languid, peppy and dreamy as each of the songs call for these expressions of love. Thisbe Vos is a gentle giant of a talent. She doesn't need to make a lot of hullabaloo with her presentation or her compositions or her singing presence. She just simply and quietly - conquers!”

Grady Harp, Amazon “Vine Voice”

“Under Your Spell is a fully realized throwback that doesn't sound a day over the rainbow. Made up of five standards and seven smacking, swinging originals, Under Your Spell goes a long way towards blowing on the coals of mainstream jazz vocals. Vos' compositions fit seamlessly with the standards.”

Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

“The minute I heard “House of Make Believe” and the stunning voice of Thisbe Vos, I knew she would be a sensation. Her two subsequent CD's, Sophistication and Under Your Spell attest to that - from the writing, arrangements and vocals, Thisbe is one talented artist on many levels.

Philip Newbery, WMBG Williamsburg, Virginia

“Vos is FAR more than a pretty face, a rock solid lyricist that despite a fairly knowledgeable background in what would appear to be her wheelhouse, it was difficult to determine where a standard ended and one of her seven original started. Finally! A pretty girl that can sing!”

Brent Black, Critical Jazz

“Taken as a whole - performance and recording - this is one of the best albums I have heard all year. Thisbe Vos is a name you'll remember, not just because it’s exotic, but because it reminds you of music making at the highest level.”

Rad Bennett, Soundstage Xperience

“Honoring the past without being mired in it, easily a poster girl for nu traditionalism, her originals have the classic sound and feel. The insouciant edge she gives the classics makes them custom made for keeping your finger on the repeat button. And then there's the backing crew that has a sheaf of jazzbo credits that could choke a horse. Winning stuff that is on the money throughout and a definite rising star.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Dutch-born Thisbe Vos has given us a stunningly good album of songs, mostly romantic, and mostly self-penned. She has immense talent as a songwriter, producing songs in the gasbook tradition in which she is obviously immersed. this woman certainly knows how to sing swing.”

Bebop Spoken Here

“Songwriter/Singer Thisbe Vos has just released her 2nd CD, “Under Your Spell” and as soon as you hear it you will be under her spell! Thisbe Vos is a terrific singer with a soft velvet voice that is both sophisticated and elegant. But her greatest talent may be in her songwriting abilities. According to Thisbe, “As a songwriter, my influences are the songs of Irving Berlin, the Gershwin brothers and Cole Porter amongst others”. Now that is setting the bar about as high as you can get, and, yet, Thisbe's songs and especially her lyrics fit perfectly among the standards she included in “Under Your Spell”. This is an excellent album from a polished musical talent. Thisbe Vos is destined to become a major national musical star.”

Robert Nicosia, Music Man

“There are very few singers I can name who can fashion their delivery so that the result makes instrumentalists take a step back. Thisbe Vos now joins the serried ranks, and I think the fact that she not only wrote the lioness' share of songs here but also produced the CD goes a very long way in illustration of just how unique her thinking and performances are. In other hands, much would have been lost, as, unlike most self-producers, Vos never plays to the safe side of things but constantly unearths subtleties.”

Mark Tucker, FAME Review

“Dutch-born Thisbe Vos is one of those singers whose voice, while light, is capable of considerable expression, and this new CD shows the broad range of her talents to great effect. The whole production is a great pleasure to listen to.”
John Watson, Jazz Camera

“I'm really impressed with the new Thisbe Vos CD. Her voice is strikingly similar to that of Doris Day...which is high tribute because Doris had an incredible voice.”
Jim Clark, South Dakota Public Broadcasting

“What a great voice!!! Thisbe has a beautiful singing voice and together with the well-written music this CD is a pleasure to listen to.”
Joost van Steen, Jazz & Blues Tour, The Netherlands