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CD Reviews for “Under Your Spell” (2013)

Yahoo: Under Your Spell by Thisbe Vos

Influenced by the music of Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Ella Fitzgerald, singer-songwriter Thisbe Vos has embarked on a quest to keep the torches of early American ballroom swing alive...

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Jazz Station Vocal CD of the Month - Thisbe Vos: “Under Your Spell”

The follow-up to "Sophistication," Thisbe's CD debut in 2011, "Under Your Spell" brings more of the same. But in a very positive way. The LA-based singer & composer from The Netherlands returned to ...

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All About Jazz - Thisbe Vos: Under Your Spell

First, there is that name...Thisbe Vos. It is not merely exotic; it is something much more than that, something mythic. Dutch-born, living the dream in America's land of Milk and Honey—LA—Vos, by her looks, voice, repertoire, composing...demands attention, and gets it without ever raising her voice...

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Critical Jazz: Thisbe Vos, Under Your Spell

Pristine vocals, immaculate phrasing and when called for there is a whimsical feel to the entire ensemble...

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Midwest Record - Thisbe Vos, “Under Your Spell”

This Dutch born transplant to SoCal shows us there's more to Dutch jazz than the Dulfers and Saskia Laroo. A vocalist with an incredible reverence for singers and days gone by...

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FAME magazine: Thisbe Vos - Under Your Spell

There are very few singers I can name who can fashion their delivery so that the result makes instrumentalists take a step back: Marvin Gaye of course was one, Chris Farlowe another, and there were a few more here and there, but no one quite matched Kenny Rankin on his quasi-obscure gem Silver Morning, an LP that still takes my breath away. Thisbe Vos now joins the serried ranks...

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Music Man Blog: Thisbe Vos - Under Your Spell

Songwriter/Singer Thisbe Vos has just released her 2nd CD, "Under Your Spell" and as soon as you hear it you will be under her spell! This wonderful woman was born in the Netherlands and has an impressive resume for her young age...

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Bebop Spoken Here: Under Your Spell - Thisbe Vos

Dutch-born Thisbe Vos has given us a stunningly good album of songs, mostly romantic, and mostly self-penned. She has immense talent as a songwriter, producing songs in the gasbook tradition in which she is obviously immersed...

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Soundstage Xperience: Thisbe Vos, “Under Your Spell”, Impeccable, Sophisticated Singing

The title of the first album by Thisbe Vos was Sophistication, and that might well describe the mood and manner of Under Your Spell, her second CD. As she sings five timeless classics and seven new tunes that she authored, Vos gives the impression of a singer-songwriter who has arrived at the top and who needs only more exposure to comfortably stay there...

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O's Place Jazz Newsletter: Thisbe Vos, Under Your Spell

Thisbe Vos is a Dutch jazz musician who has been singing professionally since she was seventeen. Under Your Spell is her second recording, a combination of standards and originals.

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Klyvian.com: Thisbe Vos – “Under Your Spell”

It's one thing to make a great first impression, but to improve upon it, now that's something else. That's exactly what Thisbe Vos does with her new album, Under Your Spell. Although the title might be somewhat misleading. Just three notes into the first song, she had me under her spell...

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Review by J.T. Frazier: “Under Your Spell” - Continued Sophistication

Thisbe Vos's sophomore album, Under Your Spell, continues her faithful, smooth and well-articulated singing of the great American jazz standards playbook. Listening to Ms. Vos makes one feel as if they've stepped back in time into a post-war America, not only in the song choices but in the lyrical way in which they're sung...

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