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JazzFidelity.com: Interview with Thisbe Vos

JazzFidelity: As a teenager, you were performing with the number one swing band in the U.K., the Jive Aces. What was that like?

Thisbe Vos: That was great fun. I met them when I was seventeen and they were playing in Amsterdam. I loved what they were doing right away and when they asked me to join them on their tour, I could not say no. We ended up touring all over Europe and all over the US. I got to go on national radio and television with them and play in a whole lot of swing clubs. I also did a lot of promotional work for them – it was not always singing. A lot of people asked me at the time if I was the girlfriend of one of the guys in the band, but I wasn't. They were more like brothers, and they took good care of me. We had a lot of fun together.

Jazz Fidelity: Is it true you moved to Los Angeles just to make this album? Did you have musicians in mind you wanted to work with?

Thisbe Vos: I did. After a musical hiatus, I was back in Holland and I had been having this “dream” for a while – that I wanted to record some very specific songs in a very specific style on a solo album, so I would have something that I could give out to people and say “this is me”. Basically a more mellow jazz style, like that of Ella Fitzgerald, and I felt that I needed a very specific type of “traditional” jazz musician. I came to the conclusion that I would probably have to go to America to find that sort of musician. So I ended up moving to Los Angeles.

Jazz Fidelity: I read that you basically found on the internet where Henry Franklin, acoustic bass, was performing and went to see him about working on this album. Obviously that meeting went well. Describe it for us...

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