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CD Reviews - “Sophistication”

Jazz Station Vocal CD of the Month - Thisbe Vos: “Sophistication” (Prime) 2011

I'm in love with the debut solo CD of LA-based vocalist & composer, it's really pure “Sophistication”. Great voice, great material, great musicians, great artwork, gorgeous pics...

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JazzFidelity review: An Album of “Sophistication” from Dutch-born jazz vocalist and composer Thisbe Vos

Sophistication is the aptly titled, debut solo CD of LA-based vocalist, composer, and producer, Thisbe Vos. The album is a well honed collection of classics from “the American song book” and original compositions...

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GirlSingers.org review of “Sophistication”

I've written before about those songs that seem so familiar, you're sure you've heard them before – that they're already part of what we call the “American Songbook”. And yet...well, maybe you just haven't heard it in a while. In my case, it makes me crazy enough to start thumbing through Googled webpages, only to discover that this tune isn't a classic.Yet...

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Music For Drummers review - Thisbe Vos: a study in dynamics and taste

In an earlier post titled Midnight Blue The (Be)witching Hour: A Study in Tempos I offered an album as a catalog of examples of tempo exercises. Thisbe Vos' album is a catalog of examples of dynamics. The album is titled Sophistication and is not only a great study aid for drummers who want to develop their dunamics and taste, but is enjoyable listening for anyone who loves jazz...

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Review of “Sophistication” on LoveArts.net

“Sophistication” is the premier studio album by the sophisticated vocalist, songwriter and Producer Thisbe Vos. Born 30 miles east of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Ms. Vos joined an English Swing Band at 17 and toured in over 30 cities in ...

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J.A. Scott, CD Review: Thisbe Vos - “Sophistication”

For this months CD review, I decided to turn my attention to a newer jazz artist I discovered. Her CD is one of those I like to listen to at the end of the day, very relaxing and satisfying. Included within is a variety of great new songs, as well as some old favorites, redone in her own particular (classic jazz) style...

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Colcifer: Thisbe Vos - Sophistication

I wonder how many reviews of this have been titled Thisbe Vos: A Sophisticated Lady. Anyways... I normally don’t care for vocal jazz but Vos has won me over. Sophistication, her first release, is fun to listen to and weighted perfectly; it“s perfect to have on in the background but stands up to scrutiny if you listen more intently...

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Sugary Twinkle - Artist Profile: Thisbe Vos

The soothing vocals of Thisbe Vos leave you captivated and needing to hear more. Her voice is graceful yet raw and flawless, with a gorgeous tone to her voice that is similarly found in the jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald...

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