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Quotes - “Sophistication”

“I'm in love with the debut solo CD of LA-based vocalist & composer, it's really pure “Sophistication”. Great voice, great material, great musicians, great artwork, gorgeous pics.”
Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Jazz Station

“Sophistication is the aptly titled, debut solo CD of LA-based vocalist, composer, and producer, Thisbe Vos. Vos, together with a sextet of veteran L.A. session musicians, weaves a sonic tapestry worthy of the term classic.”

“One to watch, this Ms. Vos. “Sophistication” is very highly recommended.”

“When your inaugural album contains some of the best standards and you also include an equal amount of your own work it says one of two things: you are arrogant or you are THAT good. My personal opinion is Ms. Vos is THAT good, and not only can she sing, but her compositions are superb. If they get wide enough dissemination, perhaps her own work will be tomorrow's standards.”

Mike Tarrani, Music For Drummers”

“Definitely my kind of album and I recommend adding it to your music collection.”

James Comer, LoveArts.net

“What a great addition to any music collection. The enchanting, soul stirring melodies found within are sure to improve and enhance any mood.”

J.A. Scott, Blog about Photography, Music, Poetry & Creative Writing

“Evenly split between originals and classic jazz repertoire (with Gershwin well represented), the songs are excellent vehicles for Vos and she rises to the occasion. ”


“The soothing vocals of Thisbe Vos leave you captivated and needing to hear more.”

Sugary Twinkle