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A fresh collection of jazzy Christmas classics complemented by original holiday songs. Thisbe's lush vocals and her band of virtuoso jazz players will quickly help you get in the mood for the holiday season.

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What people are saying:

“Thisbe Vos sings like Peggy Lee and writes like Cole Porter, this is the real deal. ” — John Segars, WUCF Orlando Florida

“Thisbe is outstanding. One of the best vocalists around.” — Mark Landesman, WWOZ New Orleans

“Thisbe Vos is a name you'll remember, not just because it's exotic, but because it reminds you of music making at the highest level.” — Rad Bennett, Soundstage Xperience

Thisbe Vos reminds us what used to excite us back in the days when the spotlight in clubs and on the concert stage focused on a beautiful woman who could move us with a song in a way that we finally heard the message of the lyrics [....].” — Grady Harp, Amazon “Vine Voice”

“You produce a very unique and refreshing sound that is, unfortunately, rarely heard nowadays.” — J.C.

“Awesome vocals, great musicians.” — A.A.

“I am totally blown away! What an incredible talent! Your music is the best thing I've heard in years, and I've been listening a long time.” — M.H.

A Jazzy Christmas album contributors

This album was made possible with the support of:

Britta Martin
John Matthews
Scott McClintic
Stephen McInally
Mark Meilander
MK Meredith
Martin Merkler
Gerry Minard
Bob Mitchell
Aaron Miyasato
Simon Morris
Sean Murphy
Ted Myers
Steven Novak
Matt O'Dempsey
Liam O'Keeffe
Thomas Oatman
Brenda Olcen
Gary Olson
Glen Olson
Chris Overstreet
Bruce Pappas
Barry Parsons
Marc-Olivier Pellaton
Allen Pellymounter
Jean-Michel Perrier
Glen & Carrie Picadash
Jaap v.d. Plas
Sylvie Pontonnier-White
Jeff Powell
John Redl
Wade Reese
Joyce Reimer
Simon Richardson
Dennis Riffert
Pierre Rioux
Steve Robe
Kevin Roberson
Marion Robinson
Fred Rogers
Mark Romppel
Robert B. Rucker
Craig Sagert
Raymond Sanchas
Nel & Femke v.d. Schalk
Ken Schoeni
Dino Schofield
Peter Schuricht
Philip Secor
Cathy Segal-Garcia
Neeraj Sharma
Randy Shue
Sam Sicurella
Harry Smith
Andrew Sneary
Douglas Solomon
Marian Sprangers
Jim Stafford
Richard Stutsman
Christian Szita
Carmen Thelen
Bob Treusch
Peter Tucker
Greg Van Beek
Robert Van Dusen
Phil Voliva
Marie-Jose Vos
Giovanni Vriens
Robert Walker
Isaac Waterman
Hardy Watts
Donald A. Weaver
Lonnie Webb
Knight Wells
Peter Williams
Craig Williams
Nigel Williams
Steven Willis
Ronald Woodard
Tom Wutke
Kwangsun Yoo

Mark Abell
Maarten Albarda
Ben Allen
Simon Allen
Carson Amburgey
Jack Andries
Keli Barnhouse
Roy Barry
Michel Belanger
Terje Berger
Anthony Bertorelli
Bill Biscoe
Scott Bjorge
Nathaniel Brown
Mark &l; Christine Brown
Robert Browning
David Bufkin
David Bybee
Harry Cole
David Coleman
Bernie Connarty
Ryan Cook
Mike Culver
Brian Cunningham
Frank Daigle
Robert & Patricia Deavours
Wim Demmenie
Frank Denardo
Steven Dettinger
Tony DeVoe
Joseph DeWeese
Dave Dickson
Todd Dubbeld
Sandrine Dulong
Roger Dunn
Frank van Eldik
Daniel Epler
Sally Farhat
Anthony Feller
Ron Ferrari
Joe Frazier
Fawn Fritzen
Mary Charlene Galamaga
Donna Geiger
Arthur Gottlieb
Robbie Graves
Brian van Haaren
James Hahn
Nance Harding
Arlene Hayes
Carolyn Hayles
Cody Hedges
Kristi Helgert
Keith Hendrickson
Aaron Henton
Mark Hitchcock
Carl Hoffman
Laurene Hull
Brian Hunt
Tim Irwin
Kenta Ishikawa
Erno Jansen
Martin Johns
Phillip Johnson
Anthony Kasgnoc
Georg Kellersmann
Martin Kelly
Keith Koivisto
Michael Krassa
James Krupski
Jim Lambert
Stefan Lang
Michael LeBlanc
Philip Leith
Howard Levi
Bruce Livett
Paula Logan
Steve Longo
Marta Luchi
Ron Ludwigson
David Mahlan
Kevin Mangus

With special thanks to:

Ross Leahy
Ivan Mazuranic
Olivier Michaud
Terje Sjaaholm
Greg Thurber

Patrick Bunch
Hassan Cassim
Anthony Guarente
Michael Gunter
Teddy Hamezopoulos

With very special thanks to:

Nick Ferrara
George Rockwell
Alejandro Szita
Andres Szita

Gord Barnett
Esteban Bastias
Michael & Rondi Bellas
Dave Dickson